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It’s Time: from Michael McCarthy’s Blog

It’s Time How long asked Dr. King those many years ago how long to claim our angel part rather than feeding the beast deep in our bones humanity hardens ruby red blood pours into the streets staining common decency foolishness prevails a superiority complex reigns throughout those from on high …

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You’re Going to Mars! makes the Audible Editors Select: Best New Releases for November

You’re Going to Mars! just made Audible’s EDITORS SELECT: BEST NEW RELEASES FOR NOVEMBER! From Editor Sam Pagan: “Rob Dircks’ Where the Hell is Tesla? has been something of a cult favorite among listeners for as long as I can remember, and Khristine Hvam Kies is something of a legend …

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An Interview with Khristine Hvam, Narrator of You’re Going to Mars!

My new novel, You’re Going to Mars!, will be published by Audible Studios on November 13. (You can pre-order here!) As part of the publishing process, I was thrilled to visit Audible Studios in New Jersey, and also take a little trip to visit the narrator, Khristine Hvam, in her …

Michael McCarthy

“Music”: A Poem from Michael McCarthy’s Blog

Music Visceral vibrations awaken the body head bobbing, toe tapping. Arousal! It is poetry of the senses expressing, capturing humankind’s pulse. Wholly sensual! Lyrical revelations with a few ordinary, well-placed words. Wisdom unleashed! But the real magic comes from the interplay between sound and silence. Genius! Each of us excitedly …

Short Stories

September’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “The Last One,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

Hi guys! I don’t want to give too much away on this story, so I’ll just say it was inspired by something I saw that made me thing that some people are so gifted, it’s impossible for me not to think they somehow touch something divine. Let’s get right to it!

Short Stories

August’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “Dakō,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

Hi guys! Today’s short story was inspired by an article I read in the New York Times about a couple of men who, many years after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, still go diving every day looking for remains of their loved ones. It’s so sad, they understand I think the futility of the search, but something compels them to never give up, and it becomes a ritual to honor the dead, or sorts, or at least that’s what I thought of it. So as I’m reading this article, of course, I say to myself, “What if…?” and this story spilled out of my head, complete.

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This stuff works!  (No, I’m not selling vitamins, I swear)

Part of Goldfinch’s mission is to help folks with their own self-publishing or audiobook production through free resources and personal Q&As at Goldfinch DIY. So every week I get a few emails asking for pointers on selling books, or finding the right audio gear, or how to work with ACX/Audible/Amazon. But …

Michael McCarthy

The Place Matters: from Michael McCarthy’s Blog

The Place Matters It’s funny how things happen.  After 17½ years working in a primarily administrative position directing a youth and young adult ministry office for the Rockville Centre Diocese, I was now seeking new employment.  Since I liked what I did and felt good about the work I did …

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Rob Dircks Narrates Bob, the New Middle Grade Book by Wendy Mass

Wow. So this actually happened: an author tweets that she likes one of my audiobooks, so I tweet back “thanks,” and one thing leads to another and suddenly I’m in New York City at Penguin Random House Audio, recording the narration for her next book! That’s Wendy Mass up there in the photo …

Short Stories

March’s FREE audio sci-fi short, “Their DNA Was No Longer The Same,” posted to Listen To The Signal Podcast

Hey guys! I just read an article yesterday, about Mark and Scott Kelly, the twin astronauts, and how Scott came back after a record length trip aboard the International Space Station, and they found that his DNA was no longer identical to his twin, Mark. What an intriguing premise for a story, right?


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Under The Covers

Art by Doug Reina
A work of art 25 years in the making, Under The Covers is a deep dive into the mind of award-winning painter and cartoonist Doug Reina. Absurd, hilarious, and surprisingly touching, its images and words explore the anatomy of a yawn; strange creatures with even stranger, human-like qualities; send-ups of everything our society holds dear; very human moments of introspection; the achingly funny that sometimes accompanies the achingly sad, and so much more. It’s a strange and twisty odyssey you won’t want to miss. Read More about “Under The Covers”

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Doug Reina

Doug Reina is a cartoonist, whose work has been published in magazines, including The New Yorker, and also with King Features Syndicate. As a young kid growing up in an artistic family, Doug’s cartooning style was influenced by the artwork of Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams, Sam Gross and Robert Crumb. When he’s not making cartoons, Doug makes paintings; he is an award winning artist, whose studio is based in Setauket N.Y. Read More about “Doug Reina”

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This artical is still blessing people, Rob. I've been scouring the interwebs for GarageBand setting help for Audiobooks. I haven't found ANYTHING as helpful as this article on YouTube or…


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I try to keep it to digital, offering three file types: .MOBI, .EPUB, and .PDF. (Most people from my experience wind up using the .MOBI). I also have a handful…

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What exactly do you give to your advance readers— a print book, a pdf file, an ebook file or something else? Thanks for sharing your success tips, Rob.


God allows pain and suffering to happen to the innocent only if through it He can bring about a greater good. He is not the author of pain and suffering,…

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