Goldfinch Publishing is a boutique publishing house created to bridge the gap between traditional and independent publishing. Like a traditional publisher, we work with hand-selected authors to offer professional curation with NO FEES (Goldfinch SELECT). To aid independent authors needing individual solutions, we offer paid services (Goldfinch A LA CARTE). For authors doing it all on their own, we offer free information and resources (Goldfinch DIY).

Goldfinch SELECT Independent Publishing Service

Goldfinch SELECT

Independent publishing is an amazing world to be part of. It’s easier and easier for authors to gain control of their work, their distribution, and their profits. However, this ease of publishing is a double-edged sword: without constraints, literally anything can be put out into the world, some of it rushed, never edited, and simply put – not truly cared for. And without getting the word out, your title can sit idle, waiting for sales that never happen.

"Rob is incredible and a joy to work with. The professionalism, good taste in design, knowledge of new media, reliability, and friendliness helped make my guitar DVD publishing projects a joy and a success."
-- Adam Rafferty, Funky Fingerstyle Guitar

I’ve set up Goldfinch SELECT to help change that. For a small number of special authors and works that we hand select, we are curating the entire process, cultivating new work with professional editing, cover design, author platform, and promotion – at no charge. Rather, Goldfinch SELECT uses the “agency” model, like Apple, Amazon, and many others: 50% of sales covers our costs and our own profit, and our authors keep the remaining 50%. Cha-ching!

Goldfinch A LA CARTE Independent Publishing Paid Services

Goldfinch A LA CARTE

For authors who want to independently publish, first let me say this: congratulations! There is no feeling like having your work printed, in your hands, or alive on the screen of an iPad. And no feeling like seeing your first royalty payment, however small. And now anyone can have that feeling.

But while the process gets easier and easier each year, independent publishing (or self-publishing) still requires a bit of technical expertise, and time, time, time. For authors who need help in several areas, to those who only need a cover designed, to those who simply don’t have the time to learn a new skill, Goldfinch A LA CARTE offers customized, individual paid services:

  1. Professional editing by editors with a minimum of ten years of experience.
  2. Professional cover design by designers, painters, and photographers with a minimum of ten years of experience.
  3. Book interior design for print and digital versions
  4. Audio and video production for published products and promotion (indie films, audio books, music instruction, book promos)
  5. Proofreading
  6. Distribution setup for Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and many other channels
  7. Promotional and “back cover” copy
  8. Setup of promotional review-generating giveaways
  9. Author website creation, Facebook pages, Goodreads pages
  10. Book website creation, Facebook pages
  11. Author email platform creation and setup
  12. And more (ask me, I’ll see if I can help!)

Goldfinch DIY Do-It-Yourself Tools for Independent Publishers

Goldfinch DIY

For authors who don’t need a paid service, have the expertise they need, and are ready to publish themselves (again, congratulations!), I’m offering information I’ve learned along my own path to independent publishing, and resources that may help you on your path. All free.

I’ll have how-to guides on everything from setting up your word processing file to self-publish your e-book, to reading your Google Analytics pages, to design tips for covers, and more.

In the future, the Goldfinch Publishing website will offer authors – especially authors who like their technology on the simple side – a place to start their very own author site, at no charge. The author site can have as many pages as you want, and comes already designed, so you just add your blog posts, book details, email signup form. Your website address would look like this:

And perhaps best of all, you’ll become part of a community of authors joining Goldfinch to gain exposure and get their voice heard.