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For authors who want to independently publish, first let me say this: congratulations! There is no feeling like having your work printed, in your hands, or alive on the screen of an iPad. And no feeling like seeing your first royalty payment, however small. And now anyone can have that feeling.

But while the process gets easier and easier each year, independent publishing (or self-publishing) still requires a bit of technical expertise, and time, time, time. For authors who need help in several areas, to those who only need a cover designed, to those who simply don’t have the time to learn a new skill, Goldfinch A LA CARTE offers customized, individual paid services:

UPDATED AUGUST 2018: Our queues are extremely full at the moment. We will respond to your request but may not be able to accommodate at this time.

  • Professional editing by editors with a minimum of ten years of experience.
  • Professional cover design by designers, painters, and photographers with a minimum of ten years of experience.
  • Book interior design for print and digital versions
  • Audio and video production for published products and promotion (indie films, audio books, music instruction, book promos)
  • Proofreading
  • Distribution setup for Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and many other channels
  • Promotional and “back cover” copy
  • Setup of promotional review-generating giveaways
  • Author website creation, Facebook pages, Goodreads pages
  • Book website creation, Facebook pages
  • Author email platform creation and setup
  • And more (ask me, I’ll see if I can help!)

Submit a request for anything you might be interested in, using the form at right, and I’ll be happy to give you more details and a cost estimate.

“How is Goldfinch SELECT different than Goldfinch A LA CARTE?”

Goldfinch SELECT is a complete, end-to-end service we offer a small number of hand-selected authors per year. There are no fees — in exchange for our upfront investment, we keep 30% of sales, and our authors keep the lion’s share of 70% of sales (compare that to an average of 8% with traditional book publishers).

Goldfinch A LA CARTE is available for any author who needs a specific service (or combination of services). We don’t select you — you select us for what you need. And since you’re paying a full fee for any particular service, there’s no contract, and you keep 100% of your sales.