How To Play Stevie Wonder for Fingerstyle Guitar Vol 1

By Adam Rafferty
They'll be amazed when YOU start to play… Superstition... Overjoyed... I Wish... and Sir Duke! You get: 110+ minute DVD with in-depth video lessons and performances...

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. 110+ minute DVD with in depth video lessons and performances.
  2. Step by Step, note for note explanations of EXACTLY how to play the arrangements
  3. Split Screen Views of Right and Left Hand for easy understanding
  4. A 30 page booklet with complete tablature and notation
  5. Easy to undserstand explantions of “pop”, “click” and “slap” techniques
  6. Explanations of walking basslines, harp like chords and groove techniques
  7. Easily learn at YOUR own pace in YOUR own home when YOU want to!


"Hey buddy! Wanted you to know I played the All Star Guitar night in LA. at the NAMM show and stole the show with a standing O!! Thanks to you!!! I gave you complete credit on the mic in front of 1300 people for teaching the style of Stevie Wonder on the guitar and because of that Stevie had his people come find me today and he wanted to hear more. I got to play for Stevie Wonder PERSONALLY and HE LOVED IT!! I told him I learned from you! Channeling your style made me a one of a kind player at NAMM!! You’re amazing, Adam!" - Shaun Hopper

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