Learn to Play Fingerstyle Guitar Favorites – Vol I

By Adam Rafferty
Your friends and family will love listening to you play these superb NEW fingerstyle pieces! You’ll learn spectacular solo pieces while developing invaluable insights into grooves, fingerstyle technique, inner harmonies, harmonics, boom-chick thumb picking, walking bass lines, bluesy jazz chords and more… You’ll get performance videos, lesson videos and tabs for: • Jill’s Song • Rolling with the Ashes • The Hippie Dance • Harlem

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. 110+ minute DVD with in depth video lessons and performances.
  2. Step by Step, note for note explanations of EXACTLY how to play the arrangements
  3. Split Screen Views of Right and Left Hand for easy understanding
  4. A 30 page booklet with complete tablature and notation
  5. Easy to undserstand explantions of “pop”, “click” and “slap” techniques
  6. Explanations of walking basslines, harp like chords and groove techniques
  7. Easily learn at YOUR own pace in YOUR own home when YOU want to!


"So far, my favorite song on the DVD is the opening cut, a very pretty ballad in Drop D tuning called “Jill’s Song.” Because it is slow, “Jill’s Song” may be the easiest one to learn.

Adam first plays a perfect rendition of the tune, and then spends a solid 20 minutes walking us through the tune, note for note, phrase by phrase. Nothing is left to guess work, as all fingerings are discussed, as well as the subtlties needed to play the song well. Adam’s understanding of music is deep, and a lot of important points are covered in a way that cannot be conveyed by TAB alone.

PRODUCTION wise, the DVD is top notch. The images and sounds are crystal clear, with perfect viewing angles for learning. The DVD has a modern look, so cheers to the camera crew!"    -- Rob Steinhardt, Asheville N.C.



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