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Cover Reveal: Recipes for Disaster!


Here it is: the cover to Recipes for Disaster: Eating & Living Well… if You Survive the Apocalypse!

Coming in 2015, Recipes for Disaster is a cookbook parody set in post-apocalyptic New England, written by your favorite chef/ entertainer/ impossibly-well-heeled host Margaret Eggsworth. Join Margaret as she makes delicious meals from locally harvested ingredients like rats and cockroaches; teaches the simple pleasures of crafting shrunken heads from departed loved ones; hosts an extravagant wedding for a traveller and his… uh… bride; and rings in the new year trying to wrestle a last shred of hope from utter hopelessness. Fun!

What do you think of the cover? I’ll be writing it over the next two or three months, so any feedback is great. Thanks!

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