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Fear can keep you from writing and publishing. Conquer it.

It’s very common for writers to fear sharing their work. Taking your extremely personal, fragile thoughts, and exposing them to the big, bad world for judgement? Who wouldn’t be afraid?

But there are ways to tackle that fear – to accept its role in your life, but minimize its hold over your work. This week, I came across a free online class that helps you do just that: Tim Grahl’s latest, “Conquering Fear.

In this course (did I mention it’s free?) he’ll teach you the techniques he’s learned working with some of the most successful writers in the world.
  • The true definition of fear.
  • How to identify where fear is holding you back.
  • Step-by-Step process to overcome fear and put out your greatest work.
  • The two ways top performers conquer their fear.
  • The perspective that will change everything.
  • The one question that changed his life forever.

By applying these simple, common sense techniques to fears that have been with us since we lived in caves, I’ve already completed two tasks I otherwise wouldn’t have. And that’s in a couple of days.

Now it’s your turn.

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