Adam Rafferty

OPERATION BROOKLYN – signing 100 “Fingerstyle Favorites” DVD’s

Well, I am not in NYC that often these days, but I wanted to show you the sights of Brooklyn and the B.Q.E. on a really hot sticky day so you could feel the “New York Vibe” a little.

I went down there to personally sign 100 copies of the new DVD “Fingerstyle Favorites.”

0:07 BQE (a.k.a the Brooklyn Queens Expressway)
0:19 In the hot sticky van with Jeff
1:05 Cemetery from the film “The Godfather” where Don Corleone is buried
1:10 Manhattan skyline
1:13 Kosciuszko Bridge
1:21 Dwontown Brooklyn
1:35 Near the Gowanus Canal
1:57 4th avenue
2:12 My shipper – “Undisclosed location” in Brooklyn
3:06 BQE back to Queens