UPDATE: Due to the volume and nature of Goldfinch’s current work, submissions are on hold. Check back for updates.

gp-badge-selectSubmission Guidelines for Goldfinch SELECT

We’d love to build a relationship that cultivates your very best work, sells books, and helps Goldfinch thrive as a publishing business. To that end, we choose authors and projects as opportunities present for Goldfinch SELECT. For these authors, we professionally curate and pay for the entire publishing process: editing, design, production, distribution, author platform building, and promotion. In return, we share the earnings of your book (or other work) for the first three years. You keep 50% of earnings, and we keep 50% (after Amazon, B&N, iBooks, etc. take their percentage).

The first step to building that relationship? Submit your work.

(Note that if you’re looking for individual, custom paid services under Goldfinch A LA CARTE, submissions aren’t necessary. You can simply contact us to tell us what you need and get a cost estimate. For Goldfinch A LA CARTE, you pay up front for all services, but keep 100% of your earnings.)

1. Genre

We love science fiction – adventure, time travel, dystopian, fantasy, biopunk, heck, all of it – but we’re not limiting our catalog. We accept all kinds of work: drama, non-fiction, memoirs, even children’s books. In addition, we’re not limited to publishing books – we’ve created music instruction DVDs, and look forward to working with authors on more multimedia like audio, music, and video. However, we do NOT accept or review submissions that contain graphic horror/torture, any sexual perversion, or anything that encourages violence, hate, or racism.

2. Submission Process

All information and work must be submitted using the form on this page. (No paper mail or email.) All attachments need to be in .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, or .RTF format.

  1. A dated cover letter that includes your name and contact information and the title of the submitted work, along with its genre and sub-genre. Briefly tell me about yourself as an author and a person, and describe any qualifications you have that pertain to the work. Also, let us know if you maintain an online presence, and what that includes (blog, Facebook author page, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.).
  2. A synopsis of the entire book. The synopsis should include all important plot elements, especially the end of the story, as well as aspects of character development for your main characters. The synopsis should run between three and ten pages in standard manuscript format. For other media, provide a thorough description.
  3.  (Your manuscript should be complete, and a minimum of 50,000 words, but we don’t want the whole thing right away.) For other media, provide samples as links to video/audio/illustration/whatever in a Word or PDF document.

It’s not necessary for you to register or copyright your work before publication—it’s protected by law as long as it has not been published. When published, we will copyright the book in the author’s name and register that copyright with the Library of Congress.

It’s okay to send multiple submissions at once if you have more than one work.

We do not accept hard copy submissions.

3. What Happens Next

Once you submit your work, you’ll receive an auto-response email confirming receipt. (If you don’t get this email, get in touch with us using the general contact page and let us know.)

  • If we review your submission and decide that we’d like to begin working together as part of Goldfinch SELECT, we’ll contact you and request a full manuscript, and begin to get you set up. See Goldfinch SELECT for details on what that experience will be like (hint: it’ll be awesome).
  • If we don’t decide to move forward, you still have options: you can either contract with us for custom paid services (Goldfinch A LA CARTE), where you pay up front for our help, but keep 100% of your book’s earnings on the back end. Or, you can use the information and resources available at Goldfinch DIY to help you publish all on your own. It’s not only possible, it’s getting easier and easier every day.

Notes: Due to the volume of submissions, editors may only respond to projects they wish to further consider. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR BACK ON YOUR QUERY, IT MEANS THAT YOUR PROJECT DOESN’T FIT OUR CURRENT EDITORIAL NEEDS.